So the dog ate popping candy last night….

Last night one of our dogs ate Josie’s bag of popping candy! I don’t think it touched the sides as she (the dog) didn’t seem too put off by the popping action! These moments of madness seem ever present in the chaos that is the March household!

Our family has sort of evolved! It’s not what I expected. Before I became Mrs March I had lots of idea about what the future would hold for us. But it soon became clear that we were not going to have children naturally and the medical alternatives were not for us. 
During the adoption process and at matching panel we were asked what our family life would look like. To be honest I hadn’t a clue! I talked  (convincingly enough I think) about holidaying, outdoor adventures and joining in activities with the children of our friends and family! But I couldn’t imagine it. We knew we wanted two children but the thought of suddenly living with two children seemed so foreign to us, I didn’t know what daily life would be like.

We had had two dogs prior to adopting the girls. We had one first then decided she was lonely so we took in another! They are such loving pets. After we adopted the girls it was very clear that Josie had a special connection with animals. She was obsessed by her Nan’s cats; following them through brambles and hedges! After lots of persuasion we got a pair of cats too! 

I love the madness, I love being the person that the whole family depends upon, I love taking the girls to clubs and watching their confidence grow. I love watching the girls play in the back garden after school or listening to them make up games about being librarians or vets or shop keepers! I love watching the girls care for their pets and cuddle them when they’re tired. I love walking the dogs in the silence of the local woods or sitting curled up with the cats.

So as I sit here drinking my coffee before it gets cold!  I think this is exactly where I want to be. Everybody has been fed, walked and watered! The house is (reasonably) clean and there is a chicken curry doing its thing in the slow cooker. This is the family life I wanted, life is good.  


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